Mar 2014 10


The TMOTTGoGo Honors were established in 2007 to grace the lives and outstanding achievements of luminaries from the Go-Go Community and Culture.
During the first TMOTTGoGo Honors, we recognized the achievements of Big Tony, Sugar Bear, Jas Funk, and Little Benny.
On March 27, 2014, we’re doing it again.  This time, the TMOTTGoGo Honors recognizes, Funky Ned, Ju-Ju, D.Floyd, Sweet Cherie, Thomas Sayers Ellis, and Jason Lewis.
This event, which will take place at the Historical Howard Theatre, will be hosted by Go-Go Michelle Smith, and contain presentations and musical selections from artists such as All 4 U, Bootsy Vegas, Dynasty, Kendall The Jack of All Trades, Obsession, The Sherray Dancers, and the cast of DIVAS DC – Cream of the Crop… (which consists of Maysa Leak, Shawn Allen, Teri S, Deborah Bond, Sweet Cherie and Sylver Logan Sharp).
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Feb 2014 18


In the 1976 hit “Sir Duke”, the very first words that Stevie Wonder says are, “Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand. With an equal opportunity for all to sing, dance and clap their hands.”

Fast forward 38 years, and we find that those very same music principles still apply in life today. In fact, this coming Friday February 21, a prime example of that will take place. The Capital City Symphony’s Go-Go Symphony, which is a full symphony orchestra that performs action packed party music over a Washington DC Go-Go beat, will be showcased live during the opening night of INTERSECTIONS. A evening of musical presentations that takes place at Washington DC’s Atlas Performing Arts Center.

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Feb 2014 17


The collective community of citizens that make up of DC M.U.S.I.C. have got a message for the people, and have decided to deliver it through the platform that speaks to us all on a level that we all can equally understand — Music!

Because at the end of the day, when it comes to the policies and procedures that effect an entire culture of people, it’s not just about coming together in times of any particular crisis. It’s about staying unified forever after!


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Feb 2014 13


Gratitude is the gateway to abundance because it turns what we have into enough.

Now, although we did not hit the exact total goal amount that we were reaching for, we DID reach enough to at least get the main thing done that we wanted to get accomplish… and that is having the ability to take this thing to LIVE PROGRAMMING!!  And in that, we are truly Greatful & Appreciative.

One thing we’re very grateful for is the support of awesome people like you who help us do the work we love so much. Thank you! Your monitary donation to this campaign shows an supported act of unselfish kindness that will NEVER be forgotten!  And we will not let you down!  In other words, WE GOT YOU! And that’s realer than Real Deal Holyfield!!

And on that note, GET READY!  TMOTTRadio’s about to take it to the next phase! So stay tuned!!!

Thank you kindly!!

Feb 2014 08


We are almost halfway there and have only 5 days left to reach our goal!

Many times we hear people’s frustrations regarding the lack of support and understanding that the local radio stations give to the Go-Go artists and their music.  There have been so much great original and quality material released over the years, yet because of the lack of exposure of it, many aren’t even aware of it.  So, in their minds, they believe that nothing original comes from it.  This is one of the reasons for the building of the TMOTTGoGo and TMOTTRadio platforms.  Because we understand that in order to get things done and heard the way that they’re supposed to be done and heard, we have to place ourselves in the positions to do it.  And if we ourselves don’t believe in the impact of it, how in the world can we ever exact anyone outside of the genre to not only be fully aware of it, but also understand it.

Your donation makes a difference. This is why we are asking for your support.  Because every dollar matters and every dollar empowers! So, please donate what you can now… so we can get it done like it’s supposed to be done!  The clock is ticking and our window of opportunity is closing, but we are confident that we can each our goal with your help!

To make your donation now, please visit:

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